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Social media marketing is not always cut and dry when it comes to utilizing it successfully. Most successful social media marketing experts have spent a decade or more honing their craft. While using social media to market a business might seem easy on the surface, there are many different blunders that a person or company can make. Some of these mistakes can be disastrous and a lack of attention to social media marketing can even sink a company.


Dismissing Social Media Marketing

The biggest mistake that most companies and individuals make with social media marketing is that they don’t place enough value on it. Companies, brands, and highly influential people have found success solely through social media marketing. Dismissing it as ineffective right from the get-go usually indicates that a person or company isn’t particularly well versed in new-age marketing altogether.



Another major blunder that newbie social marketers make is spamming their followers. In today’s day and age, social media users are extremely sensitive to being over-marketed. The slightest whisper of social media spam can cause a huge backlash that could end up leaving any social media account banned by the platform provider. Social media marketers need to market delicately.


Not Understanding Demographics

Many social media platforms offer an analytics program or setting where companies can gain further insight to the audience that they are attracting. A major mistake that many new social media marketers make is that they fail to utilize these features to understand who they are marketing to or who they need to be marketing to. Knowing how to improve and fine-tune a social media market audience for improved conversations is key.


Using Similar Marketing Techniques on Different Platforms

Anyone that thinks that a social media marketing campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram will look exactly the same is bound to fail. Each social media platform has vastly different media modalities. For example, image marketing on Instagram is paramount. Knowing the differences between how each social media platform engages with its users is absolutely essential in determining the best platform or medium to market your product.


Automation Fails

Social media users not only hate spammy marketing ploys, they also hate social media automation. Auto-posting on most social media platforms sends the message to the media recipients that they are not valuable enough for real and genuine interaction. A person or company not willing to publish real and authentic social media posts is very unlikely to ever establish a truly connected audience.


The newest generation of consumers is unlike their predecessors in many ways. For this reason, the marketing and advertising tactics that used to work are changing and becoming obsolete. Staying up to date on social media marketing trends could be the ultimate key to your company’s success.