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Diane Lefrandt





Diane Lefrandt, the founder of Diane Lefrandt Digital, is a public relations consultant and executive who specializes in social and digital strategy, marketing, branding and producing.  She has represented clients from all over the globe in a wide range of industries from real estate, finance, and technology to manufacturing and consumer products.

In addition to being the CEO of Diane Lefrandt Digital, Lefrandt also holds the titles of CEO and Public Relations Strategist for 3D PR Group. In this role, Diane is committed to providing sharply focused and strategic media campaigns for best selling authors.

Prior to her most recent roles, Diane Lefrnadt worked in New York as a Senior Executive for Coltrin & Associates where she gained experience representing clients from all over the US as well as from Africa, Asia, and Europe. During this time, Diane provided leadership, advice, and counsel to senior executives in large private and public sectors to assist them in their strategic, investor and marketing objectives. Lefrnadt also assisted in the successful bestselling launch of the book “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” a #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller while working as a public relations consultant at Franklin Covey. Shortly thereafter, Lefrandt successfully relaunched the 25th anniversary of Habits of Highly Successful People. By Dr. Stephan R. Covey.

Publicity and Marketing have always been areas of interest for Diane Lefrandt. She attended Brigham Young University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. While achieving her degree, she also worked as a feature reporter for The Daily Universe and Deseret Morning News.

Diane Lefrandt enjoys philanthropic engagement. She volunteers as an executive and board member for the nonprofit foundation, The Academy for Creating Enterprise, which works to break the cycle of generational poverty in the developing world through entrepreneurship training. Diane also serves as an Awareness Committee Member for the Younique Foundation, advising on communication initiatives to create awareness for women survivors of childhood and adolescent sexual abuse,  helping them heal and live happier, more abundant lives beyond their trauma. 



Diane is one of the best PR professionals in the business, herideas, contacts and ability to put together a strategic plan foryour business is genius! I loved working with her during mytime as COO for RTM with Ascend Alliance.

Diane is a fantastic resource — amazingly creative, intuitively resourceful and knows her craft! Through the years she and I have worked together in a variety of ways as alliance partners, idea sournding boards, supportive co-workers as well as mutual client. Diane is top notch – and on her game!

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