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Digital marketing trends may come and go but one thing remains the same: brand recognition. Brand recognition can be defined as how familiar the general public is with a brand.

It’s a brand’s unique image that stands out, evokes emotion and entices consumers to make a purchase. However, not every brand understands the importance of carving out a name for itself. Here’s why brand recognition is so important and how to build your own successfully.

What is Brand Recognition?

Building brand recognition or awareness isn’t new. Even though the mode in which it’s done continues to evolve, the idea behind it remains the same. A brand’s product or service needs to be easily distinguishable from the competition. The end goal is to make such an impact that consumers recognize a brand almost instantly.

Importance of Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is the first step in the marketing funnel. In fact, it’s the key to getting the target audience to continue their buyer’s journey to ultimately make a purchasing decision.

Brand awareness or recognition also helps to define marketing goals and objectives. Top-of-the-funnel campaigns are about piquing interest and creating a buzz, so without brand recognition, even stellar marketing efforts can fall short.


Creating brand recognition is also the best way to boost performance marketing goals. When the target audience is brand aware, it increases the chance of converting leads into first-time sales and sales into repeat customers. Focusing on recognition campaigns also allows brands to scale their content across multiple marketing platforms, subsequently reaching new audiences.

For instance, if a brand is active on social media but has hit a brick wall when it comes to conversions, revamping strategy and creating a search ad campaign to boost awareness can help. Proper SEO implementation can also help kickstart an otherwise stalled recognition campaign. The key is for brands to utilize emerging platforms to broaden their reach across multiple channels.

The Takeaway

Taking a no-name company and transforming it into a household isn’t easy. In fact, more than half of all brands fail within the first couple years of business. But even without those staggering statistics, it is possible to succeed. Building a converting brand recognition is the best place to start, for both new and established companies.