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Podcasts are the radio-equivalent medium brought right to a consumers smartphone. In fact, over 100 million people actively listen to podcasts weekly, and even more on a monthly basis. These rising numbers make it the perfect investment for a business or brand to use to boost their presence among target audiences. Podcast advertising and marketing has it benefits with partnerships across the medium, if utilized properly


Explore creative partnerships

Podcasts offer the opportunity for brands to partner together via creative and unique ways. For the host of the podcast, they can be selective with their partnerships, gaining valuable brand awareness and incentives as well. For a business, partnering with a popular podcast is a great way to target a different audience of listeners with advertisements from a host that they trust.  


Utilize brand credibility 

Podcast listeners typically show loyalty to their favorite shows. Often times, regular listeners also follow their favorite hosts on social media properties and keep up with their announcements. In doing so, they build a digital relationship and trust with these hosts. Podcast hosts bolster unique emotional engagement from their audience. Due to this relationship, listeners are more likely to trust a brand or product that comes directly from the recommendation of the podcast host.


Make a podcast

Rather than partnering with an established podcast, businesses sometimes find success in making their own. If they have a very niche target audience, there may not be many appropriately similar podcasts on the market that would make sense to partner with. By creating their own, a business marks themselves as an industry expert, and can find loyalty through previous customers. To listeners, it comes across as an expert in the field providing information and insight for free. 

This also provides the opportunity for podcast listeners to discover your niche show based solely on searching for the product or service that the business offers. In turn, this can create brand awareness and a new customer base. 

Furthermore, the script of the podcast can be converted into a blog post for consumers to read on their blog or website. Another option is for businesses to videotape the recording of the podcast to provide consumers with an inside look of the backside of the company. This not only builds trust but also provides the opportunity to reach multiple audiences through various mediums.